7/10 Weather Brief

  • Cooler and more comfortable today
  • Chance of isolated storm lingers

Cold front has moved through and is off the coast this morning.

Wide angle view shows high pressure moving in. Weak disturbance lingers over NYC/Pa border.

Temperatures have turned cooler compared to yesterday at this time. Feels a lot better out there, especially if you live near Pittsburgh

Temperature today should be in the low 80s. Our average high temperature is near 88. A nice day overall.

As previously mentioned, there is a weak disturbance still to the north. This will slide southward during the day, introducing a chance for isolated thunderstorms, mainly in Northern and Central NJ. NAM depicts a cluster of storms in the image below. There isn’t a lot of upper level winds, so they could sit and dump a lot of rain in one area.

Early tomorrow morning, a warm front will move through with some showers and maybe even thunderstorms as well. NAM shows cluster around 8-11 am moving through pictured below. There appears to be a good chance for more rain for C. PA after that during the afternoon.

If you are down the shore or thinking about it, water temps down the shore in the low 70s

Slight chance of some bigger waves but rip current risk is low for the day.

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your day

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