7/13 Weather Brief

  • A lot of rain yesterday
  • Humid today, heat advisories in effect
  • Temperature battle in the area

Parts of the area received 6″+ of rain yesterday from NE Philly into Trenton. Out by Lancaster they also received a lot of rain. And then another bullseye in Bradford County and then east towards NW NJ/NEPA.

Today we have a cold front to our south. This will try to meander north for the day. If it gets north of you, temps will be in the low 90s. Right now it appears it will stay just to the south of Philly, but it could jump up north a little.

Models depicting a little bit of an easterly wind. That will keep temps down in NJ, but how far east that goes remains to be seen. Here is the NAM – from Tropical Tidbits

Overall, temps are cooler this morning for a decent chunk of SEPA and NJ.

However, humidity is still high and heat index is expected to be in the mid-90s. A heat advisory is in effect from NWS

High temps in the upper 80s as the official forecast for Philly

Chance of thunderstorms remains for the evening. Better odds towards C PA

There is some destabilized atmosphere today, with plenty of energy available. However, with the easterly winds in NNJ/EPA, it may put a lid on convection for NJ and perhaps the Philly area. NAM this morning shows a few pop up storms, but the main action is in C PA

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day!

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