8/11 Weather Brief

  • Excessive Heat Warning today
  • Limit times outdoors
  • Chance of storms this afternoon


Yesterday produced fairly widespread thunderstorms for the area. Everyone but SNJ got in on the action. Damaging winds and small hail were also reported.

Heat Warning

Going to be really hot today. Temps in the mid to upper 90s, but it will feel 105+

Maximum apparent temperature is another name for heat index or “real feel”.

Excessive heat expected throughout the Philly metro area.


Chance of severe weather exists today too, mostly around 4-8pm in the Philadelphia area.

Models different in placement of the storms. NAM this morning has stronger storms coming into C. PA and dissipating in the evening as they push east. HRRR below has some of those strong storms making it to the city. Map courtesy of College of DuPage.

As always, thank you for reading and stay hydrated today!

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