8/19 Weather Brief

  • Drying out today
  • Still warm and muggy
  • Active day yesterday

Rainfall Totals

Widespread rainfall in the state of Pennsylvania and into NNJ. Some locations picked up 4-5″ of rain in 3 hours. There are reports this morning of flood waters and NWS still has flood warnings up. Be careful traveling today.

Yesterday we had sufficient tropical moisture transport and water loaded atmosphere, combined with the slow moving storms and rainfall rates exceeded an inch per hour. I was not expecting the heavy rainfall to make it into SEPA or NNJ.

Severe Weather Reports

A lot of wind damage happened as well. The NWS will likely investigate a few spots where tornado damage may have occurred. We should hear more about that today and tomorrow.

Surface Chart

Cold front is approaching behind the remnants of Fred, which at this point is now more like a mid-latitude low pressure. The cold front isn’t that cold for what it’s worth. Dewpoints today will still be in the low 70s for Philly.

High Temps

Still a warm day ahead, temps in the upper 80s in the city. It will feel like low to mid 90s.

Thank you for reading, enjoy your day today!

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