9/1 Weather Brief

  • Heavy rainfall, especially north and west of the city
  • Expecting 4-6″+ of rain in some spots
  • Flash flooding, severe weather all significant risks today

Surface Chart

Early this morning the remnants of Ida are in Kentucky/West Virginia and will be moving east northeast through the day. There is an upper level cold front further out towards the mid-west that will reneergize Ida as she approaches our area, part of the reason for the flooding rains.


Steady rainfall has already made its way into the area. The area I’ve circled in purple is where 4-6″+ of rain is expected to fall today.


The NWS has placed our area in an increased risk for flooding and severe weather for today.

It’s also likely that the remnants of Ida get wrapped up a little more tightly later today and we get sustained winds of 25 mph in EPa into NJ.

Expected rainfall today totaling several inches today which will lead to flooding

A tornado threat also exists in the warm front section of the storm. Stay weather aware today!

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