9/4 Weather Brief

  • Another nice day today
  • Highs upper 70s
  • Mix of clouds and sun

Surface Chart

High pressure remains in control today on the eastern U.S. If you are heading outside today, should be a nice one.

High Temperatures

Most of the area today will be in the mod to upper 70s. Comfortable with low dews. The early mornings have a fall crisp in the air as we wake up with temps in the 50s.

Next Few Days

There will be a chance for showers tomorrow afternoon into Monday. Overall, more troughing in the east next 5 days compared to average, resulting in slightly cooler weather than average overall.

This is a chart of “geopotentialbheight anomalies”, referring to the pressure height above the surface of the earth (black lines), where higher heights equates to warmer conditions and lower heights leads to colder conditions. The blue/red on this map is indicative of anomalies, or if the numbers on the black lines are unusually high or low for the area they are at.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day everyone!

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