9/5 Weather Brief

  • Rain showers this morning
  • Cloudy day today
  • High temperatures in the upper 70s

Current Surface Chart

We have a cold front moving into W. PA that is driving in some showers

Current Radar

Showers moving into E. PA this morning and will continue into the late morning and early afternoon. Showers are possible through the day, but another round of light rain looks likely late tonight into the very early hours tomorrow

High Temps

Looks like today we will be around 77 degrees in the city. Cooler up in the Poconos, sweater weather up there with highs around 66.

Expected Rainfall

Overall not a washout today, expecting maybe 0.25″-0.5″ in the hardest hit spots.

Forecast Model

NAM later this evening and late tonight with a burst of heavier rain to the south. But otherwise, not too much action after the morning round of rain.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day today!

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