10/3 Weather Brief

  • Summer revival today
  • Temps in the low 80s
  • Chance if showers and storms in the evening

Surface Chart

High pressure has slid off the Carolina coast. The flow today will be from the southwest, with warmer air. Showers will move in this evening but will be moving southwest to northeast from central MD to NEPA.

Feeling Warmer

We are several degrees warmer this morning than this time yesterday. Warm air has made its way back to the area

High Temps

Looks like we may hit 80 degrees today. Going to feel pretty warm for fall.

Forecast Models

Chance of showers and storms, mainly to the west of the area. The models do bring in some showers overnight into the city. And then some more showers tomorrow.

Right now it doesn’t look like a lot of rain, but someone might get 1″ if you get caught in a thunderstorm.

hope you enjoy your sunday!

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