11/13 Weather Brief

  • Another front moving through today
  • Highs in the 50s
  • Chance of snow in NEPA
  • Chance of storms in NNJ

Surface Chart

We have a cold front boundary in CPA. Some of the models have it picking up some steam as it approaches EPA.

Cooler Air

We have cooled off a bit this morning compared to yesterday at this time. However, with the boundary strengthening on approach we will get some warmer air aloft and that may heat us up during the day a bit. Philly might touch 60 degrees.

Forecast Models

We could see some brief period of moderate snowfall in NEPA. The FV3 showing some storms popping up with the boundary this afternoon. These storms could produce gusty winds. Some snowfall is expected but little in the way of accumulations for NEPA.

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