Thanksgiving Weather Brief

  • Warmer today
  • Cold front approaches
  • 2 PVU maps!
  • Keeping an eye on colder nights

Surface Chart

Right now our skies are cloudy ahead of a cold front that’s still out in the Midwest. This cold front is expected to move through our area tomorrow morning.

High Temps

We are getting some southerly flow, boosting our temps higher than it has been the last few days. Highs in the city should be around 55-56. Most of the area in that range as well.

Cold Arctic Air

One of my favorite maps to look at when identifying the source of cold air is the 2PVU maps from It’s pretty straightforward after a while and I enjoy the clear visuals.

This map is essentially showing what level the dynamic tropopause is, an area of the atmosphere that separates our weather with the area of the atmosphere that stays mostly static. The dynamic tropopause will move up or down in the atmosphere depending on how cold the temperature is in the troposphere. Colder air mass = lower troposphere. So on these maps the blues and purples show lower numbers and therefore colder air mass

Currently the cold front and cold air source can be spotted to our west.

This will shift east with the cold front.

And then our temperatures for Saturday morning look like this

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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