It is with great pleasure that I introduce my blog/website, Philadelphia Weather Authority! Simply click on the Philadelphia Weather Authority site title above to see my latest posts, or the button below! Sign up for email alerts and subscribe to the blog!

In here I hope to provide local weather information for Philadelphia. In the Current Weather section you will find temperature information, wind, precipitation, regional satellite views, and daily categorical weather risks. If you scroll through the drop down menu, you will find climate information, beach info, local crop progress and general crop information, and links to local traffic cameras.

Of course, local weather is impacted by national/global phenomenon, so I have created menus with pages that discuss severe weather, tropical weather, and long range topics such as ENSO, MJO, GWO, QBO. I’ve also created an education menu with links to other websites and videos for those that are beginning to adventure into the wonderful world of weather. The website is ever-evolving and I will be adding links/information as I go. If you have any thoughts, epiphanies, or recommendations, I would love to hear them! Some links/graphics require frequent manual updates, so I will apologize if a few things aren’t exactly up-to-date.

I hope that moving forward this website becomes a one-stop shop for all of your weather needs!

Also, follow me on twitter @Philly_Weather1 for more of the latest weather information (and some not so weather related).