Weather Model Links

Numerical Weather Prediction has come along way over the last 60 years. The weather models are tools used to help create weather forecasts and they use satellite, radar, advanced mathematic equations, and real-time observations to produce a forecast.

Weather models are essential in today’s world. It isn’t just important in news, several different methods of weather prediction have been created and established for industry purposes. There are many websites to get different types of charts including your standard forecast maps, long range maps, short range, severe weather, and so on. For those interested in learning how to interpret the forecast models, head on over to the educational section where several videos go over the topic.

Inside the drop down menu here you will see two pages, one with long range models and one with short range models. I advise those new to weather forecast models to take a peak at the educational videos to get a better handle on reading the charts.

In the long range model section you will see links to websites that have many of the global models such as the GFS, ECMWF, CMC (GGEM), UKMET, and the ensembles. I also have links to the ICON (Germanic), ARPEGE (French), KMA (Korean), BAM (Brazilian) models that are harder to find on the internet. Short range models consist of the HRRR, RAP, ARW, Hi-RES NAM, and others.

*Disclaimer* I do not own any of the models, these are all linked to hosts on other websites