Daily Discussion [6/4] Another Gorgeous Day


  • Clear skies today
  • Temps low 70s
  • Low humidity
  • Increasing clouds tonight ahead of a new system


Today’s satellite imagery shows quite a bit of activity (in terms of cloud cover) in the Central US and up towards Canada. We will get a little piece of both tomorrow.

Zooming in, it appears we will be in for a clear day today but clouds will be increasing from the NW as the day goes on. Otherwise we will have a nice day with cool, dry air, and northwesterly wind flow.

Temperatures today mostly low 70s


Shortwave will make its way into our area. This is tomorrow’s 500 mb vorticity forecast from the NAM which shows increasing vorticity in W. Pa and over the Great Lakes. This will enhance thunderstorm/rain activity tomorrow evening. Currently, the chances for severe weather are on the low side, but it is something to keep an eye on.

Air Quality:

 - https://files.airnowtech.org/airnow/today/cur_aqi_philadelphia_pa.jpg

Current air quality is clear!

The AQI is based on a scale of 0-500, with 0 being no issues and 500 being very hazardous to everyone and an emergency condition overall. Today we will be between 0 and 50, so generally fine for all people.

More specific air quality information can be found at airnow.gov

Radar and more: College of DuPage

Mesoanalysis: https://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/mesoanalysis/new/viewsector.php?sector=16#

Local Warnings and Statements NWS Mt. Holly: https://www.weather.gov/phi/

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