7/20 Weather Brief

  • Warmer today, highs in low 90s
  • Humid too, will feel like mid/upper 90s
  • Smokey skies today, air quality alert in effect

Right now, high pressure in place as we are wedged between 2 fronts

Normally this would be clear skies and a nice sunny day, but satellite shows some thick haziness covering the area. Generally, we should have the sun trying to poke through, but some increasing clouds later in the evening ahead of the next cold front

It’s going to be a little hotter today. Temps for the most part in the low 90s but humidity will be in the 70s, making it feel several degrees warmer

There is in an air quality alert today due to wildfire smoke making its way to the area. HRRR model for this afternoon keeps the smoke levels pretty high.

Current AQI is reaching moderate levels, but reds will spread suggesting high AQI and poor air quality in some spots in PA.

It is recommended at those levels to limit outdoor activity and wear a mask. Moderate AQI could still affect those with lu g conditions like asthma.

More on AQI Here

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day!

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