7/27 Weather Brief

  • Hot and humid today
  • Chance of storms later up north

Current surface map

A stalled front to the south will move on out. Another front over the Great Lakes will advance east and trigger storms in northern fringes of PA and into NY. The stalled front to the south might trigger a storm or two in south Jersey or DE.


Highs today in the low 90s for most but will feel several degrees warmer with the humidity


SPC and NWS with slightly increased risk for sever weather across NY state

Some short range models show storms as well. This is the FV3, which has a few clusters of storms breaking out in Northern PA too.

Pattern Change

We are waiting for the end of the week. Pattern change will introduce introduce -AO in the Arctic, Bering Sea low in the Pacific, large high pressure ridge in the Western US, and trough with cooler weather over the northeast

We just have to make it through today and some rain tomorrow/Thursday

Thank you for reading. Stay hydrated and limit outdoor time during hottest part of the day.

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