7/28 Weather Brief

  • A few degrees cooler today
  • Mostly cloudy
  • Showers to the west and south later this evening
  • Slight chance of storms, mostly in south Central PA

Current Surface Map

There is a stalled front over the area. Weak low pressure in northern Ohio

This low pressure will continue southeast into W. PA today touching off a chance of storms this afternoon and evening

High temps

A fee degrees cooler today, but a little more cloud cover too this afternoon


Most of the wet weather will occur to the west. There is a marginal risk for severe weather. Rain will be moving southeast, most of the mid/upper level winds are from the northwest, which will steer rain/storms southeast.

Computer Models

Some of the models, like the HREF below, show rain making its way to SNJ this evening. There is a chance for an isolated storm to pop up in Philly and down into SNJ. Delaware has a better shot at rain with the low pressure moving through late tonight and overnight.

Pattern Change

We are currently in the middle of a pattern change. Active bering sea low pressure and North Atlantic High pressure are helping to establish a ridge-trough pattern in the U.S. we will be looking at the completion of this pattern around Friday and continuing into at least the middle of next week with average to slightly below average temps.

Thank you for reading!

Enjoy your day today

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