7/29 Weather Brief

  • Stormy day for most
  • Chance of strong to severe storms
  • Cooler than average

Current Surface Chart

We have the main cold front well to the west. There is a boundary to our south that will push north this AM. That will touch off some storms late morning in Philly area and south central PA. Then the main show comes with cold front diving into Pennsylvania later in the evening

Big Picture

US map shows the fronts a little better. Large cluster of storms in the Ohio Valley will push east this evening. Boundary to the south will come north this morning.

Current Radar


NWS and SPC have us in elevated risk for severe weather. There is concern for tornadoes today, especially since wind direction at the surface will switch from the southeast while mid-level winds are oriented from the northwest giving the atmosphere plenty of rotation.


A nice day overall in terms of temperatures, cooler than average. This may go against some of the severe weather, if we don’t heat up.


NAM this morning shows a chance of storms with the boundary to the south as it pulls through

Then in the afternoon a stronger cluster of storms. It looks a little too amplified here.

HREF ensembles with a good soaking of rain within the storms. Some may go over an inch of rain. There is a chance that some of the storms split the area, with some dropping south into south Central PA and some going up toward the Lehigh Valley

As always, thank you for reading. Stay weather aware today!

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