8/1 Weather Brief

  • Cloudy and cool start to August
  • Battle of 2 mid-level disturbances
  • Chance of rain and storms throughout the day

Current Radar

Showers moving through SEPA and SNJ. Weak low pressure trying to form off Delmarva. Main low pressure over Great Lakes.

Surface Map

You can see the larger low pressure to our north on this surface pressure map. Some bulging of the isobars in Virginia is a weak low pressure trying to develop. As you can see, plenty of easterly wind off the ocean in SEPA and SNJ.


Highs will be cooler than average, mid to upper 70s. There will be an easterly component to the wind until the front over the Great Lakes moves through late evening.


Models are playing a little bit with rain chances. Some are a little wetter, some a little drier. The easterly winds will keep the severe weather limited.

HRRR is one model that we look at. It shows some rainfall this afternoon.

Then a line of storms that tries to push through after 8 pm. Other models have this line of storms produce some potentially severe weather in north central PA. They also have the line of storms fall apart before it hits the city. HRRR holds it together. Not really expecting severe weather out of it if it does make it to the city.

Severe Weather

NWS keeps an evaluated risk for severe weather to the north. Less easterly winds up there, might be more southerly through the day. They will have some more instability to work with than Philly metro area.

Than you for reading, enjoy the rest of your weekend

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