3/31 Weather Brief

  • Warm day today
  • Chance of severe storms late in the evening
  • Slight threat of tornadoes
  • Best chance of severe weather in the western suburbs

Surface Chart

Potent low pressure system has moved into the Great Lakes. There is a warm front in Maryland that will push north today. That will help increase temperatures to close to 70 degrees today in our city. There is a cold front moving through the Ohio Valley that will make its way into our region during the evening. Once the warm front pushes through and we get some sunshine, we will also increase our instability.

A close-up view of the warm front to our south

High Temperatures

Most of the area will be in the 60s today, the city might touch 70 degrees. It will feel like spring out there with all of the pollen as well.

Severe Thunderstorm Threat

Right now it looks like the severe thunderstorm threat will enter the region around 5-6PM and push through the city around 8-9 PM. Gusty winds, hail, and even an isolated tornado are all possible today! Stay weather aware!

Slight Tornado Threat

Its a bit unusual to see a 5% threat in March, but today seems like it may be an unusual day. There will be a lot of veering of low-level winds with the front pushing through that may help spin something up during the evening. Something to keep an eye on.

HRRR Simulation

Here is a model we use for short-range forecasts. This model is showing a line of storms developing around 4PM in CPA and moving east over the next 6-8 hours.

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