5/20 Weather Brief

  • Heat advisory in effect
  • Highs mid-to-upper 80s today
  • Clouds this AM will give way to mix of clouds and sun this afternoon

Surface Chart

Right now there is a warm-front trying to make its way from over the Great Lakes into our area. There is a weak frontal boundary passing through C. PA. There will be a weak mid-level disturbance that moves along this frontal boundary today that will trigger storms. You can see a cluster of storms out in SW PA on this surface map below.

High Temperature

Most of the area will see temps in the mid-upper 80s today. The cool spot may be down the shore with temps in the low 70s as the water is still a bit cool for this time of year.

Model Forecast

Right now the short-range models are mixed for this evening in terms of strong storms. Some models like the HRRR have a cluster of strong storms around 4-6PM today. Other models like the 3km NAM keep most of the action out in C. PA. Keep an eye on your weather alerts. Its possible to see damaging winds and even an isolated tornado is possible as well.

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