6/1 Weather Brief

  • Welcome to June!
  • Warm today
  • Battle of the frontal boundary
  • Chance of strong storms

Surface Chart

Currently over the area there is backdoor cold front that has pushed to our west/southwest. This has cooled us down a bit compared to yesterday. However, if you go just a bit further west, there is high pressure in W. Va that will try to push the backdoor cold front back east. This battle will be the difference between 85 degrees and low/mod humidity and 95 degrees with mod/high humidity.

High Temps

Depending on how this battle shakes out, we could hit 85-95 degrees today. Right now the forecast calls for 86 and more comfortable than yesterday. You can see a nice temperature gradient from east to west.

Chance of Storms

As always, whenever you get a temperature battle, there is a risk for storms. Today, the risk is mostly to our north. Damaging winds and hail are possible.

Tomorrow the chance of storms shifts to our south. Best chance of strong storms in Philly will be overnight or tomorrow.

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