Short Term Disco [5/22] Beautiful Today

Just a quick blurb for today.

Another gorgeous day is on hand for us. Most of the region will see temples in the mid 70s. A slight bump up in the humidity from yesterday but generally a pleasant day. We will see high cirrus clouds develop later today as the system that has been affecting the plains today shifts its focus more east. There is a slight chance for thunderstorms, mostly the further west you go. Out by W. Pa there is a chance for an isolated strong to severe thunderstorm.

Tomorrow the warmer/tropical air will arrive with increased instability leading to thunderstorm development. The Storm Prediction Center has placed much of C. Pa in an elevated risk category for severe weather for tomorrow. By the time the storms arrive to Philly, it will be later in the night, but there still could be pop up storms that may produce hail in our area. Isolated tornado is not out of the question in C. Pa up into C. NY and perhaps extending into E. Pa.

More on that later today or early tomorrow….

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