7/7 Weather Brief

  • Another hot one today, heat index over 100
  • Heat advisories are up from the NWS
  • Chance of storms again this evening
  • Watching Elsa for more rainy weather

Some areas yesterday received over two inches of rain, especially in CNJ near the shore.

Today we are expecting similar weather. It’s going to be hot again. Temps in the mid-90s

Some of the models today have a heat index in the 103 range. Delaware is the hot spot with a heat index near 105. Be very careful outside today.

Heat advisories are up once again from the NWS

Looking at some thunderstorms again this evening. Models are playing it a little differently than yesterday. More of the pop-up variety as opposed to clustered. Cold front is to the north, where best chance of severe storms exists.

Here is the HRRR forecast for the evening with small lines of pop up storms. These storms could cause hail and flash flooding.

In the tropics, we are keeping an eye on Elsa as it gets scooped up by a cold front. It should remain south of the area, but gusty winds and rainfall is now expected in NJ, possibly extending into E.PA Thursday night into early Friday.

Rainfall forecast via WPC through Friday morning with Elsa swinging nearby.

I’ll have more on Elsa tomorrow as we get a clearer picture of its impact.

For today, please stay safe in the hear. Thank you for reading!

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