8/24 Weather Brief

  • Continuing to dry out today
  • Heat builds
  • Temps around 90, heat index 95

Surface Chart

Remnants of Henri this morning are sliding off the Massachusetts coast. Not expecting much action for Henri at this point. A lot of hot tropical air left in its wake.


We didn’t get soaking rains yesterday in the storms, but there was still some decent rainfall totals with the wrap around storms that popped up on the backside of Henri.

Hot Today

Temperatures today expected to reach around 90 degrees in the city, when combined with the dewpoints, close to 95. We do the same tomorrow, except add a degree or two.

Real feel will be several degrees warmer with muggy airmass today, the models aren’t showing any signs of showers or storms to help with relief. The city will feel like 95 today.

Stay hydrated and remain indoors during the hottest parts of the day. Thank you for reading.

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