Daily Disco [5/25]


  • Comfortable Temps
  • Chance of showers/thunderstorms late


Satellite view this morning shows cloud cover coming in from the Great Lakes. If were to expand this view, this is stemming from a weak system that is riding around the ridge building in the SE US that’s causing heat wave in record numbers down south. Another area of high pressure is off the coast and going to bring in southeasterly flow to keep our temperatures cool.

In the image below, valid for approximately 5PM, you can see the onshore flow. But also out west there is a weak front passing through W. Pa with wind directions shifting to the west.

This area is associated with some mid-level vorticity (as seen below), the best organization is out west but you can see some yellow, orange, and red in C Pa and moving east. This area will be responsible for a first round of showers around 8-10 PM.

The front itself will push through well into the overnight hours. Following that front will be west/southwesterly flow which will be responsible for some hot temperatures tomorrow.

Temps this afternoon


Down the shore, the onshore winds will keep temps cooler this afternoon. If you are brave enough to go into the water…


Surf height will be 1 ft, there will be increased swell activity later this afternoon, increasing as this afternoon goes along.

For those interested in other wave forecasts and graphs:


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